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Back Trauma At Work – Industries That Are Bad For Backs

Back Trauma At Work – Industries That Are Bad For Backs

Back Trauma workers' comp
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We’ve all heard phrases such as “that is such back-breaking work,” and even though we might not be in an industry that is prone to that reality, we too have likely experienced a day where our back ached after a long day on the job. Even if we sit in an office chair and the heaviest thing we lift all day is our coffee mug.

Most of us will experience some form of back pain at some point in our lives, but for many, spine pain comes from years of stress doing a particular job. The most common types of job-related back trauma include the following:

  • Strain from overused or overstretched muscles
  • Sprain from torn ligaments due to sudden movement
  •  Herniated disk from strain or age

What Industries Are Worst For Your Back?

In reality, there are several industries that are well known for work-related back trauma. Manual labor and other jobs that require lifting or a lot of bodily activity can take a serious toll on our bodies. And physical injuries, specifically back injuries, are not limited to just construction workers who tend to be plagued with on-the-job back pain.

These five industries tend to have the highest prevalence of work-related back trauma.

Airlines – Though you don’t necessarily see it as you work your way from ticketing to your gate, those gate agents and baggage handlers that have checked in your bag and are ensuring it will get from point A to point B are working really hard. Even what would seem like a simple act of leaning down to tag your back, then standing back up, can cause strain, especially when done dozens, if not hundreds of times, per day.

Transportation – Truck drivers place added strain on their back as they sit in that seated position for hours on end. Then, they help to unload cargo, and possibly reload some more. On top of that, sleeping quarters in the back of the cab are not as comfortable as a bed back at home. This regular activity of bending over and lifting puts significant strain on the spine.

Sports – Professional athletes undergo physical stress each and every day. This constant activity from jumping, tackling, swinging a bat, or even swimming a stroke can put the spine at risk of injury. In fact, sports-related physical activity is one of the leading causes of serious spinal injuries apart from vehicular accidents.

Factory – Assembly line work and machine operation require a lot of repetitive work that over time can create strain. While the movement in and of itself is not harmful, it is that process of doing the same activity over and over that can lead to the traumatic injury.

HealthcareNurses and orderlies, in particular, take on a lot of strain. From moving patients for bathing purposes, and even leaning over them to check monitors, change IV bags, and more, can be very damaging to the back.

Traumatic Back Injuries Can Limit Your Ability To Continue Your Work

Traumatic back injuries can be exceptionally painful, and if they get bad enough, can disrupt if not altogether prevent your ability to work. These serious and long-term injuries can force you to miss work and lose income. In some cases, you may need to change careers altogether, and even when doing so, your back may never heal to what it once was.

Fortunately, employees who have experienced a traumatic work-related back injury are entitled to workers’ compensation. Unfortunately, receiving the maximum and fair compensation that you are due for workplace-related injuries can be a battle. Those who have experienced a traumatic back injury should consider seeking legal counsel for assistance.

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