What To Do If You Were Injured At Work And Recently Laid Off

Injured At Work

Have you been recently laid off? Did you sustain an injury at your healthcare occupation prior to being laid off? It is not too late to pursue your workers’ comp claim. With the help of an experienced workers’ comp attorney, you are still eligible to receive benefits under workers’ compensation law in California. All employers […]

Have You Been Let Go From Your Job And Believe It Is Due To Your Work-Related Injuries?

work-related injuries

If you have been injured at work, you are entitled to protections under both state and federal employee protection laws. Workers’ compensation attorney Joseph Kritzer knows that employers and insurance companies are not always forthcoming when it comes to workers’ comp benefits and employees who have been injured on the job. An experienced legal advocate […]

What To Do When Workplace Injuries Are Delayed

workplace injuries

In California, employees are expected to report accidents and seek medical treatment within 30 days of an accident and injuries when possible. Attorney Joseph Kritzer knows, however, that sometimes injuries are not immediately apparent after an accident and symptoms do not begin to appear until a later date. Delayed onset of injury symptoms does not […]

Healthcare Workers Common Injuries To Be Aware Of


  Healthcare workers take the risk of sustaining injuries and illnesses every time they go to work. They are exposed to germs and diseases and their job duties often involve physical labor that can result in injuries. Healthcare workers should be aware of common work injuries so that they are able to recognize those injuries […]