Trauma de Espalda

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Algunas lesiones en la espalda eventualmente sanan y no dejan efectos persistentes, pero en otros casos, los efectos se sienten de por vida. Muchas de las personas que desarollan lesiones en la espalda se deprimen mucho debido al dolor que sienten constantemente y por la pérdida de su movilidad e independencia. Es importante obtener atención médica competente y adecuadamente, ya que la salud del herido puede llegar a ser cada vez más crónica.

Los trabajadores que han sufrido graves dolores de espalda por accidentes relacionados con el trabajo a menudo encuentran muy difícil obtener una compensación adecuada porque el daño a los tejidos blandos en el cuerpo no siempre son evidentes en una radiografía. Esto puede ser extremadamente frustrante para el trabajador lesionado ya que el dolor de la lesión de espalda puede causar pérdida de movilidad, insomnio, síndrome de dolor y pérdida de ingresos.

Podemos referirlo al médico ortopédico adecuado que puede documentar la gravedad de la lesión de la espalda y puede proponer un plan de tratamiento para el dolor de espalda.


Hospitals and nursing homes are generally considered by most to be low-risk working environments. However, many are surprised to learn that the opposite may in fact be true.

Employees of nursing homes, hospitals and personal care facilities are actually subject to some of the highest rates of workplace injuries in the United States. In addition to this, illness rates are also far higher than many other occupations due to the close proximity to germs and airborne illnesses.

In fact, illness and injury while working at a nursing home or hospital is more than four times higher than private sector jobs and is greater than both construction and manufacturing jobs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Construction accidents and injuries can result in some of the most serious and permanent injuries. Due to the severities of the injuries and the necessary medical treatment, the road to recovery can be a marathon of doctors’ appointments, new medications and the amount of time needed to heal.

Because of the heavy equipment used and the great heights sometimes involved in construction work, construction accidents typically involve catastrophic injuries and even the loss of life. Broken arms and legs, rotator cuff tears, neck and back surgeries may be the most common injuries on a construction site. These are the same kinds of injuries one can see in other kinds of cases, but injuries to this degree of seriousness happen less frequently in other kinds of accidents.

You also need to be aware the insurance company or lawyer may not take it easy on you. That’s where our experience helps in shielding you from this kind of pressure.

Suffering a heart attack or stroke at work can result in workers’ compensation benefits if the heart attack was caused by work-related activity or by an on-the-job event. Activities like heavy lifting, heavy exertion or great stress can be the major factor in heart attacks at work. Unlike some other workers’ compensation cases, these cases are likely to require specialized experts to prove that the injuries are from your job..

We carefully investigate these cases for employer liability and find the right medical experts to help prove that the heart attack or stroke is work related.

We understand the seriousness of the injury and have the expertise and supporting witnesses to make your case a compelling one for the defense attorneys, insurers and workers’ compensation attorneys.

Some back injuries will eventually heal and leave no lingering effects, but in other cases, the effects are felt for a lifetime. Many of the people who develop back injuries become very depressed because of the pain they feel constantly and because of the loss of their mobility and independence. It is important to get competent and timely medical care as the health of the injured can become increasingly chronic.

Workers who have suffered severe back pain from work related accidents often find it very difficult to get adequate compensation because damage to soft tissues in the body are not always apparent on an X-ray. This can be extremely frustrating for the injured worker since the pain of the back injury may cause loss of mobility, insomnia, pain syndromes, and loss of income.

We can refer you to the right orthopedic doctor who can document the severity of your back injury and can come up with a treatment plan as well for your back pain..

Catastrophic Injuries are life-altering events with significant effects on work professional and home. Our firm is here to help clients understand the implications of an extended legal claim and the financial burdens of an injured worker.

We can also assist in making sure you are getting timely medical help. Some of the workers may require physical or psychiatric care for a limited time and require a lower level of financial support. Others will require a lifetime of major financial and medical support.

We provide answers to which types of settlements are right for you. Most of the catastrophic injury awards use a structured settlement arrangement that provide money wih interest for a lifetime. To help get your best outcomes, filing a claim quickly will help protects all of your legal rights.

Carpal Tunnel in most cases is a work-related injury. Many occupations involve repetitive motions of the hands and wrists from secretaries to dentists – to just about anyone who uses a computer at work.

If you are experiencing the signs and symptoms of Carpal Tunnel, it’s important to get it diagnosed right away. If you aggravate the condition by using the same repetitive motions, Carpal Tunnel will get worse. If diagnosed early, the injury should respond to non-surgical treatment options. When surgery is recommended, we will assist in getting the best outcomes possible.

If you sustained injuries from your job and lost function in your hands and wrists due to Carpal Tunnel, we will help you receive the proper medical treatment for your injuries. We will also help you obtain disability benefits if you are forced to stop working as a result.

Slip and fall injuries are one of the most common injuries at work. Many do not cause lasting effects, but some may cause serious lifetime injuries.

Unsafe work conditions can be the cause of injuries from broken bones, burns, concussions, torn muscles and large wounds and others. These conditions might include:

  • Tripping hazards
  • Uncovered holes
  • Wet flooring
  • Heat exposure
  • Falling inventory
  • Exposure to toxic materials
  • Forklift / cherry picker / hand truck
  • Electric shock

We can help determine who is ultimately responsible and pursue all the compensation you deserve including lost wages, doctor bills and pain management.

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