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Healthcare Workers Common Injuries To Be Aware Of

Healthcare Workers Common Injuries To Be Aware Of

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Healthcare workers take the risk of sustaining injuries and illnesses every time they go to work. They are exposed to germs and diseases and their job duties often involve physical labor that can result in injuries. Healthcare workers should be aware of common work injuries so that they are able to recognize those injuries and make workers’ compensation claims. If you have sustained a healthcare work injury or illness, contact California workers’ compensation attorney, Joseph Kritzer, to schedule a free consultation.

Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers include almost anyone working in the healthcare industry such as nurses, aides, administrative assistants, doctors, and physicians’ assistants. There are many different types of healthcare facilities including hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes, independent living facilities, and other medical care facilities. Healthcare workers go to their jobs to help the people who need it most, but in doing so, they are often placing themselves in harm’s way.

Common Types Of Healthcare Injuries And Illnesses

As previously mentioned, healthcare workers are subject to significant work injury risks and typical injuries sustained depends on the type of facility they work in. For example, employees who work in psychiatric facilities or in nursing homes where patients suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other mental disabilities are sometimes subjected to injuries caused by violent patients. Physical injuries may include concussions, bruises, and broken bones. Other common types of healthcare worker injuries are described below.

Data Entry Injuries

 Healthcare workers may be responsible for large amounts of data entry in completing and updating healthcare reports and records. A large part of their work can be dedicated to sitting at a computer making entries into patient files. People who spend a major portion of their days working at the computer may suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, and other related injuries.

Heavy Lifting Injuries

Heavy lifting and other types of physical labor are often a part of healthcare workers’ job duties. They have to move physically disabled patients in order to bathe them, take them to the restroom, and move them from beds to wheelchairs. Repetitive heavy lifting and moving can put serious physical strain on healthcare workers resulting in back trauma and other related injuries.

Slip And Fall Injuries

Slippery floors are common in healthcare facilities. For hygienic reasons, most medical facility floors are not carpeted because they must be easily cleaned and sterilized. Slippery floors may be caused by spilled drinks, leaking IV fluids or patient bodily fluids, and mop water residue. Slip and fall injuries may include bruises, broken bones, fractures, muscle tears, and concussions.

Illness Exposure

As noted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, healthcare workers have a high risk of contact with infectious diseases, which means they have a high risk of contracting serious illnesses. Serious illnesses may include MRSA, AIDS, Influenza, Ebola, and Tuberculosis. Contracting any of these illnesses could cause a lengthy battle with the illness and possibly death. Being able to recognize these and other healthcare illnesses and injuries is important to make sure that you secure the work comp benefits that you deserve.

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