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Joseph Kritzer is a State Certified Specialist in workers’ compensation. When you become one of my clients, you will receive a high level of personal attention from the first meeting on. Our law office is deeply committed to keep you informed and advise you every step of the way. We are also up to date on California’s workers’ compensation laws to make sure your rights are honored, and you receive the compensation you deserve.

Your Successful Resolution Begins Here

First thing to do: Start by making an appointment to personally meet with me to review your case. When you call our office, you will be interviewed by a legal professional who will review your facts and make a convenient appointment for you to meet with me for legal representation. In the meantime, if you need immediate assistance, you will be referred to sources that can help you get the relief you need today.

Too often an injured employee is harassed by the workers’ comp insurance company. They refuse to answer your questions or return your phone calls, and their only goal is to try and settle and close your workers compensation case as quickly and cheaply as possible.

When you hire our law office to represent you in your workers’ compensation case, I will fight to protect your rights. We will deal with the insurance company on your behalf and find the right doctor to evaluate and treat you. We will also make sure that your case settles for the fair and correct amount of compensation that you are entitled to under workers’ compensation law.

Temporary Disability Benefits:

You are entitled to temporary disability benefits if you are unable to perform your job duties while recovering from a work related injury. Benefits begin on the fourth day you are absent from a job due to a work related injury.

There is no compensation for the first three days unless you miss 14 days from work or are hospitalized overnight. Temporary disability benefits are paid at the rate of two- thirds of your average weekly salary up the legal maximum.

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Client Reviews

“I called this practice with some questions about a potential case. While my case wasn’t something that was able to be taken care of here, I was blown away by the professionalism and helpful, friendly nature of Minerva. She listened to my concerns, answered all my questions, and was able to explain things in a very positive manner. Great job! Minerva needs a raise!”

Aurora B.

“I would like to say the services provided by Mr. Joseph Kritzer were exceptional and was of great assistance to me with my case. His thoroughness and communi- cations was top notch throughout the case and services provided afterward was excellent.

I am grateful for his representation and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to other”

Connie Torres

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