If we don’t win your case, you pay no fees.
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If we don’t win your case, you pay no fees.

2790 Skypark Drive
Suite 100
Torrance, CA 90505
2790 Skypark Drive
Suite 100
Torrance, CA 90505
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Most Frequent Construction Accidents & What To Do

Most Frequent Construction Accidents & What To Do

construction accidents
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According to the United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the construction industry is one with many hazards. With activities that can increase the risk of a fall from a rooftop, injury from unguarded machinery, exposure to silica dust and asbestos, it is no surprise that of the thousands of industry worker fatalities that take place each year, an estimated 20% of them are in the construction business.

Aside from fatalities, construction workers are also heavily susceptible to a wide array of injuries related to workplace accidents.

The Top Four Construction Accidents

Construction Falls

Falls continue to be one of the most common types of construction-related injuries. Whether it be a fall from a platform, an elevated work station, or other. Construction falls happen far more than we would like.

Being Struck By An Object

Though cranes and other workplace machinery tend to move slow when turning or moving, it is often easy not to see the danger coming. Construction sites tend to be noisy, and workers often don’t wear ear protection to protect their hearing.

As a result, this can make the probability and risk of being struck by an object, one that can take many workers by surprise.


Electrocutions are also a very common injury and pose a serious risk of fatality. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 60% of electrocutions were caused by direct contact with electricity.

As the construction process often involves the wiring of buildings, the dangers aren’t all that surprising. But the sheer volume of injuries that take place is rather alarming.

Caught Or Caught-In-Between

Caught or caught-in-between accidents happen when a worker sustains crushing injuries between objects. These incidents occur as a result of machinery with moving parts that are unguarded or are not locked-out during maintenance.

It can also happen as a result of trenches or excavations that are unprotected, heavy equipment that poses a tip-over hazard, walls that collapse during demolition and working between both moving materials or immovable structures, vehicles, and equipment.

What To Do If Injured On A Construction Site

If you have been injured as a result of a construction-related accident, you will want to seek assistance to file a claim and ensure that you receive the monetary compensation that you are due.

Serious injuries from construction-related incidents can create severe and often debilitating injuries, which will negatively impact your ability to work. In some cases, you may no longer be able to participate in activities that you previously enjoyed or excelled at.

When you suffer an injury at work, especially in the event of a serious construction-related incident, you will likely need to pursue multiple claims to ensure maximum compensation. Between doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, prescriptions, and even emotional support and emotional-support therapy, the costs can really add up.

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