Every Case We Take Is a Personal One

We are a small law firm specializing in providing quality legal representation in workers compensation cases. Unlike large volume firms who have too many cases to count, we know our clients personally and give each case the individual attention it deserves.

I have been a member of the California Applicants’ Attorneys Association for close to 20 years. It is the main statewide attorney group for injured employees. I am also a member of my local bar association and the South Bay Bar Association, and a State Certified Specialist in Workers’ Compensation Law for over 10 years.

Building a successful case for an injury work claim in California takes a legal office with years of experience. I have gone to trial in many cases over the years and prevailed in the vast majority and obtained a favorable outcome for my clients. I have also settled hundreds of cases over the years for my clients and am proud of the work that I have done for my clients.

Please call my office to talk about any kind of injury you may have experienced at work. The road to justice and recovery starts here: (310) 373-6821

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Meet Our Team

Joseph Kritzer

Joseph Kritzer
Workers’ Compensation Attorney

I enjoy meeting my clients and spending time with them to help them with their work related injuries. I help clients who have denied work related injuries. I obtain temporary disability benefits for them and also refer them to alternate sources of support if they are not working. And, if medical treatment is denied or not being provided, I refer them to a good treating doctor who can help them.

I was born and raised in the Los Angeles area. From an early age, I realized that I got a great deal of satisfaction trying to help people with their problems. That is why after going to college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, I attended Loyola Law School.

After becoming a lawyer, I started practicing workers compensation law in 1993. I was attracted to this area of law, because I liked meeting people from different backgrounds, and I was dealing with injured employees who needed my help. My first workers’ comp law job involved working for a high volume law firm where the attorneys had very little contact with their clients and first met their clients when their went to Court to settle their cases. I realized that was not how I wanted to practice law. I wanted to meet my clients when they first came to my office to request legal representation.

So I structured my law office so I could personally meet all of my clients at the initial meeting at my office and spend time with them getting to know them and their unique legal problems. I realized that way I could be very knowledgeable about their case and give them the best possible legal representation for their work related injury. Besides the initial meeting, I continue to meet with each client usually several times between the time I take in their case and the time their case resolves.

At my law firm, you’re a person and not a number. Your case will get the individual attention it deserves.

Joe Kritzer / (310) 373-6821 work / email: jkritzer@msn.com

Minerva Sancen
Attorney Support

I have worked at the Law Office of Joseph A. Kritzer for 10 years as Mr Kritzer’s legal assistant and thoroughly enjoy my job. The best part of my job is that I’m able to help injured workers with their benefits, medical care and overall help make a difficult time more manageable for our clients. I like to have a close relationship with our clients and make them feel comfortable.

I am a mother of 2 girls and enjoy relaxing at home with them as well as trips to Disneyland, reading and having barbecues with my family.

Minerva Sancen / (310) 373-6821 work / email: msancen@msn.com

Client Reviews

“ I have been extremely pleased with all the work and attention Mr. Kritzer and his staff has provided me over the last couple of years on my case. He has made sure and taken into account important details to get me the best treatment. I recommend Mr. Kritzer to anyone who is in need of a workers’ compensation attorney.

Thank you very much Mr. Kritzer.”

Alethia Gonzalez

“After two terrible experiences with different law offices, I can definitely say I made the best decision by coming to Attorney Joseph by reference. Not only has he been supportive on a personal level, he’s also been very informative, pleasant & comforting during this difficult time. Also I can’t forget his professional assistant Minerva, who is always so helpful, attentive & patient. My situation was a rough one from the start, & I will be forever grateful that Attorney Joseph made the decision to defend me. It’s been a great experience, in such a difficult time in my life. Thank you, Attorney Joseph.”

ShuRonda Smith