You’re Hurt at Work –What You Should Do Next?

When you are injured, most of the time you know it. Sometimes results of an accident can be felt for weeks, months or even years later . Be sure to follow up if pain becomes an issue. Below are some guidelines to follow when it is clear an injury has occured at work.

Report the injury immediately

If you have been injured on the job, you should report the injury immediately to your employer in writing. This can be in the form of a physical letter, email, test messaging or fax but be sure that you have done so within thirty (30) days after the injury. If it has been longer due to it taking longer for you to understand the severity of your injury, report your injury in writing and keep a record of all correspondence.

Get medical attention immediately!

If you get injured while working, you are entitled to medical treatment whether your claim has been accepted or denied. You are entitled to reasonable medical care needed to cure or relieve the effects of a work related injury.  An experienced workers’ comp attorney, like Joe Kritzer, can help you select the right doctor, who will treat you free of charge, with all costs paid by the insurance company.

Selecting a Doctor from the State Panel QME List

In addition, it is in your best interest to see a workers comp attorney, before choosing a doctor from a State Panel QME list to evaluate your disability.  If you select the wrong doctor, from the Panel QME list mailed to you, your workers’comp rights and benefits may be adversely affected.

Get legal assistance from an experienced Workers’Comp attorney

California’s workers’ comp laws are so complex, you need a law firm like Joseph Kritzer’s Law Office to successfully represent you in your workers compensation claim.

What you should not do after a workplace injury:

  • Do not give information out to your employer’s insurance company.
    If they call, take down the agents name and call your lawyer. Do not allow anyone to record you talking about the case.

  • Do not use social media to talk about your case–
    the information could be used against you.

  • Do not lose evidence.
    Keep all articles connected to your case. You may also want to take photos documenting evidence including injuries.
  • Do not miss appointments.
    Remember to show up for all court dates, doctor appointments and consultations.

Client Reviews

“I couldn’t be more thankful for finding Mr. Kritzer as my attorney. He represents me in my workers compensation case and has fought for me when I needed it. Minerva, his assistant, has been absolutely wonderful as well and very thorough. They take the time to make you feel like your case is very important to them, and that helps a lot. It’s great to have an exceptional team of professionals on your corner, and with Mr Kritzer by my side from beginning to end, I have no doubt my case is in good hands. ”

Allie G.

“I first met at the offices of the Licensed Joseph A. Kritzer, who is an advocate for injured workers. Mr. Kritzer’s manner was smooth and he had the knowledge that I was looking for in a lawyer to deliver my case. His professionalism and the treatment of all the employees made me feel confident of my choice. Mr. Kritzer, always kept me informed me, guided me and behaved very profession- ally. I am very satisfied and grateful for everything he’s have done to protect my rights.”

Noemi Gutierrez

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